The rolling tire service

Mobile tire, the Vándorgumis

He’s got flat tire ?

Was it a pothole?

Do not have time for rubber replacement?

Lost the wheel locker?

No spare wheel?

Then YOU need your mobile tire service!

Mobile Tire Service is a professional mining workshop built into a minibus, equipped with machines of the same quality and precision, as are conventional rubber workstations.
I can proudly say that we have equipped our wandering service car with the most up-to-date and most convenient machines available.
The main task of the mobile tire repairer is to solve the problem of rubber problems immediately.
Anyhow our mechanic can mount a truck or pickup truck without any problem.
Mobile tire service does not work with machines of this kind.
For example, this machine does NOT have to be used as a tool. In addition, during the installation, the rim is not damaged even in the case of tires of extreme size or design.


Let’s say that seasonal replacement of tires is bad.
Exercise, queue, wait, and then work again.
In contrast, you do not have to do anything, just call our mobile tire service and do it much faster than if you were in a workshop.
You can use our service at a pre-agreed date, at a location that you find convenient.
At your workplace: as long as you work we do the ordered service.
In your home: since there is the most comfortable.

If you have an unexpected problem with the wheel of the car (damper damage, defect repair, wheel rim drilling, no spare wheel), we will try to solve it as soon as possible.
When using more than one car, it is highly recommended to save you time and energy at any wheel or tire boom.
Our mobile tire service is NON-STOP, which is very useful in many cases.
We can offer more discounts when using more than one car!

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Winter Summer tires replacement

Winter summer tires replacement wherever you are comfortable. At home or even at work.

Wheel locker removing

Our company is committed to removing the wheel rim with a unique tool.
The drill stand was built specifically for drilling the wheel rim.


Our company undertakes vulcanization. The procedure is a few hours of operation, not performed on a mobile rubber car

Pothole defect

Was it a pothole? No spare wheel? Need help along the way? Call the mobile tire to help you with trouble!

Flat tire repair

He’s got flat tire? No spare wheel? We will help! On-site defect repair immediately. Every day of the week.

Fleet management

Mobile rubber fleet management, locally at your company, we replace or improve the fleet cars’ wheels. You tell us the date.





Márk Toronyi
Mobile tire service

Free pick-up fee in Budapest!


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