Drilling a wheel lock
I undertake to remove all types of wheels!

Wheel rim is basically a special screw or nuts designed to prevent the wheel from being disassembled.
Due to its design, it is only with its own special key that the wheel change can be started. Usually, only one screw is usually replaced on a wheel.
It is important that you always have the special key on the go, as it is not a problem if you are able to pick up the wheel.

Many automakers use their own wheel arches. They are largely based on the best quality and the best principle. As a result, the wheel rim can almost be removed with drilling without exception.
The net tech time of the operation can be 2 hours per piece.
Our company is committed to removing the wheel rim with a unique tool.
The drill stand was built specifically for drilling the wheel rim. Mostly we use cobalt drill bits. These are the most durable drills, but some of them are still broken.

It is important to mention that no damage is caused during the drilling either in the car’s rim or in the wheel hub. An additional loss occurs if the car is studded with studs. Unfortunately, the head screw is cut off, but after that, the car can be used in a normal way. Replacing the head screw should be provided to the owners as soon as possible. There are other solutions, such as welding, but in many cases the design of the alloy rim makes this method almost impracticable.
Drilling can be done at a pre-arranged time and spot!

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